Philip Beesley, Henriette Bier & Aadjan van der Helm

Artist and architect Philip Beesley is Crossing Parallels with Henriette Bier, head of the Robotic Building group at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and Aadjan van der Helm, from Interactive Environment at the faculty of Industrial Design. Together with their students they will work on the interactive installation Anthozoan Veil.

Anthozoan Veil

The Anthozoan Veil is a living sculpture that has grown like a coral reef. The scaffolding is populated with colonies that communicate with each other and visitors, through movement and light. As a whole, the porous installation aims to function as a layered, living system, triggered by curiosity.

After months of sharing knowledge, ideas and logistical preparations, this interactive installation has been designed and built during an one week interfacultary student workshop, lead by artist and architect Philip Beesley, Henriette Bier (Robotic Building, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment) and Aadjan van der Helm (Interactive Environments, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering).

The students, coming from various fields of study, collaborated in groups on the coral reef-like structure. Focusing on the scaffolding, membranes, controls or mechanisms, they had to actively negotiate the emerging boundaries, connections and interactions.

Philip Beesley


Philip Beesley is a practicing visual artist, architect, and Professor in Architecture at the University of Waterloo and Professor of Digital Design and Architecture & Urbanism at the European Graduate School. Beesley is an internationally recognized expert and pioneer in kinetic, responsive, near-living architectural installations. His work is widely cited in contemporary art and architecture, focused in the rapidly expanding technology and culture of responsive and interactive systems. His research expertise includes digital craft for responsive and distributed architectural environments and interactive systems, material performance and finishes, textile structures, and material crafts and fabrication. The methods of his Toronto-based studio, Philip Beesley Architect Inc., incorporate industrial design, digital prototyping, instrument making, and mechatronics engineering. Beesley has authored and edited sixteen books and proceedings, and has appeared on the cover of Artificial Life (MIT), LEONARDO and AD journals. Features include national CBC news, Vogue, WIRED, and a series of TED talks. His work was selected to represent Canada at the 2010 Venice Biennale for Architecture, and has received distinctions including the Prix de Rome, VIDA 11.0, FEIDAD, Azure AZ, and Architizer A+.


Team Philip Beesley

Rob Gorbet
Matt Gorbet
Salvador Miranda
Workshop Team
Timothy Boll
Michael Lancaster
Nikola Miloradovic
Gabriella Bevilacqua
Mark Francis
Jonathan Gotfryd
Parisa Hassanzadegan
Parichit Kumar
Peter Wang
Sascha Hastings
Luke Kimmerer
Melanie Neves
Anne Paxton
Karen Zwart Hielema

TU Delft

Team TU Delft

Henriette Bier (architecture)
Aadjan van der Helm (industrial design engineering)
Arwin Hidding (architecture)
Vera Laszlo (architecture)
Sina Mostafavi (architecture)


Alexis Begnoche
Mary Ann Berenson
Dorrit Bueters
Mert Capkin
Geoff Eberle
Charlie Elson
Jurrian van Geest
Beth Grimmer
Aileen Hallie
Avelien Husen
Heeyoun Kim
Nina van der Klauw
Quinten Damy de Koning
Paul Krauth
Thijmen Langendam
Angelos Liakakos
Tom Lim
Laura Looijen
Hidde Manders
Dennis Mouwen
Ginevra Nazzarri
Zach Rigby
Mats Rijkeboer
Nanda Schellingerhout
Anna Smulders
Chee Wai Thong
Vicky Toellner
Sanne van Vilsteren
Bjarke Waltenburg
Rinze Wassenaar
Ekim Yildirim