Published by Iris van der Wal at 2018-09-22 16:00

Prototype exhibition TodaysArt 2018

During TodaysArt 2018, Crossing Parallels showed a prototype exhibition at Bleyenberg. The prototypes have been developed as part of the Crossing Parallels program, or have been created in a related program at Delft University of Technology. These prototypes are embodiments of interdisciplinary collaborations between artists, scientists, and students. Instead of perceiving art, science and technology as separate bubbles, the focus lies on the similarities in their processes and works—creating a mutual understanding and reaching towards a shared language.

The scientific methods and design processes show many parallels, such as in their experimentality and non-linear character. These prototypes illustrate this experimental process in which the act of materialization is of utmost importance, or even a necessity, to understand the subject, hypothesis, or problem better.

The projects also show parallels among each other, like the connections between different domains, shifting between human experiences, natural processes, and algorithms. The prototypes show how the logic of nature is mimicked by computers or humans, how designs are parametrically optimized to find the boundary of a material’s possibilities, and how binary times can be translated into human experience.


Sujata Majumdar & Stephen Picken
Iris van Herpen, Jouke Verlinden & Zjenja Doubrovski
Gabey Tjon a Tham
Yu-Chou Chiang
Aidan Wyber
Arwin Hidding & Robotic Building
Studio Wynd
Koen Fraijman