Maria Oosterveen

During the five-day workshop, the artist invites students to play with the patterns of crystal growths to make a full length crystal garnment!

Crystalline structures

In this hackathon, circular design meets chemical physics. Under the guidance of Maria Oosterveen, participants will explore how to grow crystals from skin-safe mineral salts and design 3D-printed structures that facilitate their growth.

Different 3D-printed structures will be made to investigate their effects on crystal shape and formation. The information gained collectively will serve to create wearable mini prototypes, a first step toward a full-length crystal garment. Working with crystals, which can be grown over and over from the same batch of salts, this workshop questions our society's assumptions about what renewable materials are.

The workshop will be held over five consecutive thursdays, beginning on the 23rd of March. You can register using the following link:


Maria Oosterveen

Maria Oosterveen combines her prior background as a chemist with her love for handcrafted materials in her artistic practice. She often uses performative instruments and evolving materials to question the interconnection of technology with our bodies. Her work draws equally from careful scientific methods and the handcrafting women of her family. She holds a degree in Analytic Chemistry from Hogeschool Saxion, a bachelor in Art Science from Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (KABK) and is part of the artist run community iii.