Lilian Kreuztberger

Lilian Kreutzberger collaborates with Max Mahieu, Physic student at TU Delft, on a series of space reactive folly furniture.

folly furniture

For her project Folly Furniture, Lilian Kreutzberger designed non-functional furniture that lit up and react to the built environment. These pieces of furniture draw on the design of a bookshelf and a table but expand it toward sculptural abstraction. They are fitted with a series of reactive LED strips that runs around the surface of the furniture. The LEDs lit up in patterns, highlighting the space behind, underneath or in front of them, thus creating a dynamic sense of the spatial possibilities in the environment they belong in. Carefully placed together, they can highlight the dynamics that inhabit every space and the interactions of the people standing next to them.

The concept draws on the architectural follies, non-functional buildings built in gardens to complement the sight, mood and feel of the built environments. The Folly Furnitures also work as an exhibit for the other artworks displayed in the same space by continually shifting the focus from to the other, connections are made between the different works rather than considering each of them as stand-alone.

Lilian Kreutzberger


As painter and sculptor, Lilian Kreutzberger aims to synthesize her research into the futility, dilemmas and challenges of modern utopias and the role that urban spaces play within them. Moments in which the reality does or does not match the previously imagined are both source and the condition of the work itself. Abstractions such as models and systems are explored in Kreutzberger’s work, both as an desire or objective of imposing a structure onto the world, while simultaneously exploring the limits of these forms to serve as point of reference in urban planning and so forth. Thematics such as location, site, dislocation, absence and reflection, both physical and psychological recur in her sculptures, paintings, drawings and installations.

Lilian Kreutzberger (born 1984, The Netherlands) graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague and received a MFA at Parsons New School, New York.
Her work has been exhibited at the Gemeente Museum, The Netherlands; the Royal Palace, Amsterdam; World Expo 2010, Shanghai; The Last Brucennial, NY; The Kitchen, NY and her work is included in major collections. Kreutzberger was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation and Mondriaan Fund grants, the Buning Brongers Prize and nominated for the Royal Award for Modern Painting. She was selected for upcoming residencies at Socrates Sculpture Park, NY; Mana Contemporary, New Jersey; and Existentie, Ghent, Belgium.